Zimbra Email Collaboration

Zimbra Collaboration is the world’s leading open source messaging and collaboration solution, trusted by more than 5,000 companies and public sector customers, and over 500 million end users, in over 140 countries.

The most robust Zimbra ever
  • Zimbra Chat
  • Zimbra Drive
  • NG Modules
  • Real-time Backup
  • Synchronization of Shared Resources
  • HSM on Amazon S3
  • Delegated Admin
  • Backend Improvements
Zimbra Chat

Now available in all versions of Zimbra! Peer-to-peer chat using XMPP. Know your company’s chat data is secure and private while your users enjoy searching chat history, emoticons, etc.

Zimbra Drive

Zimbra Drive is updated file sync and share functionality. Built on the ownCloud/Nextcloud platform, Zimbra Drive provides seamless synchronization and sharing of files between your users, wherever they are and on any device.

Zimbra includes complete email, contacts, calendar, file-sharing and tasks, and can be accessed from the Zimbra Web client via any device. You can deploy Zimbra as a traditional on-prem install or through our Zimbra hosting.

Zimbra 8.8: Easier, Faster, Stronger, Safer, Smarter


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