Bioluz, an independent laboratory, upgrades to Zimbra Network Edition

Bioluz Upgrades to Zimbra Network Edition for Increased Security, Privacy, Functionality and World-Class Support
“Zimbra is easy to administer, it is a secure and private solution, and it is very reliable,” said Aitor Betelu, Administrateur Systèmes et Réseaux.

Bioluz is an independent laboratory that has specialized in the filling, sterilization and packaging of injectable infusion bags for 30 years. The laboratory, including all production, control and logistics, is located in St-Jean-de-Luz, France.


Replace Zimbra Open Source Edition with a more secure and private email platform that also provides additional functionality and world-class support.

Before using Zimbra Open Source edition, Bioluz first tried a hosted email service other than Zimbra. However, the service provider did not provide adequate support or reaction to Bioluz’s needs. Most important, Bioluz could not manage the security of the solution and had regular problems with black listing and spam.

Bioluz has used Zimbra Open Source Edition (OSE) since 2011. By 2016, their email and collaboration needs had grown to include the following features, which are not in Zimbra OSE:

  • Collaboration for their workforce, via calendar sharing with Microsoft Outlook users.
  • Synchronization of email and calendar to personal mobile devices.

The email platform that would replace Zimbra OSE had to be completely secure and private, and it had to be easy to administer.


Deploy Zimbra Network Edition to provide increased security, privacy, collaboration and enterprise-caliber support.
Bioluz selected Zimbra Network Edition (NE) as the solution to their email needs.
“The security and the privacy of the email system, and the IT system in general, is a major concern for Bioluz. This is the reason why Zimbra is hosted on premises,” said Aitor BETELU, Administrateur Systèmes et Réseaux. “Furthermore, Zimbra offers a solution with a very efficient level of security.”
Having acquired a strong experience using Zimbra Open Source for a few years, the deployment of the Network Edition has been realized by Bioluz Pharmaceutical internally and was relatively seamless.
The deployment of Zimbra NE also solved Bioluz’s other needs. Users have been extremely satisfied with the increased collaboration provided by Zimbra’s compatibility with Microsoft Outlook calendars, and they have become much more productive now that they can access email and calendars on their mobile devices. File sharing is also a great functionality that Bioluz’s users have been extremely satisfied with, both on the Open Source edition and now with the Network Edition.
Bioluz’s IT Team is pleased to continue using Zimbra thanks to their familiarity with Zimbra OSE and the ease of administering the Zimbra platform.

What’s Next?

Increase Zimbra’s functionality with Zimlets.
Because Bioluz has been using Zimbra since 2011, they are very familiar with its features and functionality. Their next step is to start implementing Zimlets with their Zimbra implementation.
Zimlets are free mash-up applications that enhance Zimbra functionality. For example, some Zimlets make email text interactive, such as dates, while other Zimlets integrate Zimbra with other software applications like Salesforce, WebEx and more. For more information about Zimlets, please see
They are also keeping themselves up-to-date with additional functionalities coming up with newest versions, such as chat, and will be reviewing with the Zimbra team when the time comes.