Need to Merge Email for 3 Hospitals?? Call oneICT!

Valisana is the result of the 2017 merger of Valida, 175 beds, Sanatia 70 beds and MSP Sanatia, 68 beds. Valida is a neuro-locomotor, geriatric rehabilitation center and a polyclinic in Brussels. The name VALIDA is inspired by the term revalidation, recovery, rehabilitation. Sanatia is a neuropsychiatric clinic serving the adult patient presenting difficulties of mental suffering.

Zimbra is a very stable, high-performance solution for large messaging infrastructures. We recommend Zimbra to institutions considering replacing their messaging solution, said Patrick Mailleux Responsable for IT at Valisana.


Choose one email platform for 3 hospitals – a platform with functional richness, shared calendars and guarantees of stability and performance.
Valisana had several requirements for their integrated email platform. The email system must:

  • Be managed entirely in-house.
  • Provide a rich user experience on computers and mobile devices
  • Collaboration over 3 hospital locations
  • Realtime backup
  • Support 700 accounts

The decision to use Zimbra for the collaborating hospitals was simple: Valida had been successfully using Zimbra Open Source Edition for 8 years. The other two hospitals had old messaging systems that no longer met users’ expectations. Valida was using Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition (OSE) for its email and collaboration needs. However, Zimbra OSE does not include backup and restore, nor does it include hierarchical storage management (HSM), activeSync for mobile devices and other key features that the merging needed. Another critical requirement for Valida was an in house managed deployment. They wanted an email solution hosted in house to ensure their data sovereignty.


Work with oneICT to upgrade from Zimbra Open Source Edition to Zimbra Network Edition including realtime backup and restore and migration the other two hospitals into the same Zimbra deployment. In the medical industry, privacy is paramount. Valisana’s data must be secure and private, and it must be backed up regularly with a guaranteed, simple restore process.

This is where Zimbra shines. Zimbra Network Edition includes several options for backup and restore, options that exceed the functionality of other email vendors. Valisana knows that their data is safe and can be restored if there is ever a need.

Zimbra Network Edition also provides stellar security and privacy, which is vital for Valisana, at a lower cost than most cloud-deployed email platforms. With the implementation of GDPR, Valisana had even more need for security compliance.