Managed Services

Let us manage your IT infrastructure.

We solve your problem and bring the solution
  • We keep your IT infrastructure healthy and under control
  • Always thinking ahead providing a solution not a band aid
  • You focus on your job, we will provide the necessary tools
  • Support and assistance via remote access or on-site intervention if necessary
As open source fanatics we can provide great solutions for only a fraction of the price of closed source alternatives without loosing functionality

OneICT's managed ICT services will make sure that you can trust your environment so you can focus on your core business. Each month you receive an overview in the form of:

  • a monitoring report; showing the availability and trends of your IT infrastructure
  • status of backups
  • support case overview

Our approach:

  1. create a IT infrastructure topology map, we will come on site and make an overview of the current IT infrastructure, the as-is status
  2. review current suppliers ranging from domain registers to Office 365 partners, making sure you do not pay too much
  3. pin point critical issues resulting in a plan of attack and a followup plan regarding maintenance

Do not hesitate to contact us via chat for immediate assistance.

€10,00 per device per month