Hosted Zabbix

Zabbix 5.0 hosting by oneICT enables a care free hosted Zabbix solution in Belgium.

Zabbix 5.0 hosting

oneICT is your partner when it comes to Zabbix hosting. Since we use Zabbix ourself and are very happy with it we want to provide the same care free solution for our customers. We and our customers depend on our online services and can't wait for a client to find out about a disruption in service.

That is why we implement hosted Zabbix monitoring to control for example:

  • Zimbra Collaboration Servers
  • Online Learning Management Servers
  • Asterisk VOIP servers
  • Databases

By default our hosted Zabbix sends out warnings via e-mail. But since we are all overwhelmed by e-mail these important warnings can get overlooked easily. That is why implemented an SMS gateway enabling warnings directly on a mobile device. The optional SMS gateway starts at €0,18/SMS for the first 2500 notifications.

Starting at €79,00 for up to 500 devices