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How to prevent url shorteners from damaging your online reputation

Since I'm posting on social media I also used URL shortener services, in my case Bitly. Using an URL shortener service can make long URL's like, a whopping 76 characters but good for SEO, into a short url like, 22 characters. The shorter URL leaves more characters in your social media post like Twitter.

Zentyal Small Business Linux Server

Zentyal [1] was developed with the aim of bringing Linux closer to SMBs and to allow them to make the most of its potential as a corporate server. It is the open source alternative to Microsoft network infrastructure products aimed at SMBs (Windows Small Business Server, Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Forefront...) and it is based on the popular Ubuntu distribution.

Why Zentyal?

About 99% of companies in the world are small and medium businesses (SMBs). They generate more than half of the global GPD. SMBs constantly look for ways to reduce costs and increase productivity, especially in times of crisis like the one we are currently facing. However, they often operate under very limited budgets and limited work forces.